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[* / †] indicate co-first and co-senior authorship

A full list of publications is available on Google Scholar

Selected Publications

Metabolic modeling of single Th17 cells reveals regulators of autoimmunity

Cell 2021

A. Wagner*, C. Wang*, J. Fessler, D. DeTomaso, J. Avila-Pacheco, J. Kaminski, S. Zaghouani, E. Christian, P. Thakore, B. Schellhaass, E. Akama-Garren, K. Pierce, V. Singh, N. Ron-Harel, V.P. Douglas, L. Bod, A. Schnell, D. Puleston, R.A. Sobel, M. Haigis, E.L. Pearce, M. Soleimani, C. Clish, A. Regev, V.K. Kuchroo, N. Yosef.


Perspective in Cell (link)

Perspective in Immunometabolism (link)

Oleic acid restores suppressive defects in tissue-resident FOXP3 Tregs from patients with multiple sclerosis

The Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI) 2021

S.L. Pompura*, A. Wagner*, A. Kitz, J. LaPerche, N. Yosef, M. Dominguez-Villar, D.A. Hafler.


Perspective in The New England Journal of Medicine (link)

Revealing the vectors of cellular identity with single-cell genomics

Nature Biotechnology 2016

A. Wagner, A. Regev, N. Yosef.

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